why we do what we do

We seek to love our neighbor. We do this by promoting human flourishing. This requires solving real problems. This requires a systems approach, as a popular management saying reminds us: “Your system is perfectly designed to yield the result you are getting.” 

Clapham Institute establishes an infrastructure that thinks systems. We facilitate labs, helping leaders design systems that solve trenchant problems, such as systemic poverty in cities. Clapham Institute brings “the outside view” to our labs, which are critical for seeing systemic problems and crafting innovative solutions.


We expose leaders to proven models that promote human flourishing. We assist those who seek to make the world a better place. We mentor many of these leaders with individualized resources.

Clapham Institute hosts

  • Clapham Conversations (evening events with select speakers)

  • Clapham Commentary (a weekly column on human flourishing)

  • Clapham Consultations (for those seeking human flourishing)

  • Clapham Short Courses (primers on human flourishing)

Over the last four years alone, over 5,500 people have benefited from our services. As a 501c3 registered nonprofit, our donors believe in our work and subsidize much of it, meaning money is not a barrier for those seeking to promote flourishing but cannot afford our fees.

who we are 

Clapham Institute was founded in 2002. The name is drawn from activists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries who lived in Clapham, England, a village outside London.

The homes of the Clapham network served as learning-by-doing labs. These labs solved systemic problems (such as the Slave Trade) by linking proximity (“localism”), profitable businesses, and public policy. Over the course of four decades, they solved over sixty problems, including abolishing the English Slave Trade, pioneering the use of images, including the iconic plate "AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER?"

Dr. Michael Metzger President, Clapham Institute   Photography by David Hartcorn

Dr. Michael Metzger
President, Clapham Institute

Photography by David Hartcorn

Board of Trustees

Dr. Michael Metzger, Clapham Institute Founder and President – Annapolis, MD
Pat Healy – Annapolis, MD
Chadwick Watson – Severna Park, MD
Pat Brown – Columbia, MD
Tyler Johnson – Phoenix, AZ
Gary Lato – Milwaukee, WI
Glenn Bryan – Delaware, OH