why we do what we do

A saying among management experts today is, "Your system is perfectly designed to yield the result you are getting." The problems that companies face are the result of often unseen systems. As an outsider, we see them. We solve problems by reframing unseen systems.

We leverage Albert Einstein's maxim: "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

We think in frames, but most of us can't see or hear our frames. Solving problems requires reframing them – and that requires an outsider who thinks in pictures. We help organizations think in pictures.


We expose young leaders and entrepreneurs to the work and legacy of Clapham – how they did what they did. We assist those who seek to make Annapolis a better place. We mentor young leaders and entrepreneurs with individualized resources that most benefit them.

Expose, assist, mentor. In the past three years, over 4,000 guests have attended our various events. We have assisted over fifty organizations and start-ups. And we are mentoring hundreds of young leaders and entrepreneurs with individualized resources.

And we do it all at no charge.

Clapham Institute is a 501c3 registered nonprofit that seeks to change the world. Over one hundred donors believe in our work and support it so that younger leaders can benefit from our programs at no charge.

who we are 

Clapham Institute was founded in 2002. The name is drawn from activists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries who lived in Clapham, England, a village outside London.

Over four decades, this band of colleagues solved over sixty problems, including abolishing the English Slave Trade. They did it primarily by reframing issues, pioneering the use of images, including the iconic plate "AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER?"

The Clapham activists relied on metaphor to reframe issues, introducing the use of pamphlets and journals that were distributed to thousands of coffeehouses.

 Dr. Michael Metzger President, Clapham Institute   Photography by David Hartcorn

Dr. Michael Metzger
President, Clapham Institute

Photography by David Hartcorn

Board of Trustees and Staff

Dr. Michael Metzger, Clapham Institute Founder and President – Annapolis, MD
Timothy Smick, Chairman – Vero Beach, FL
Chadwick Watson – Severna Park, MD
Kristjana Cook – Severna Park, MD
Dr. Ed Holt – Annapolis, MD
Gary Lato – Milwaukee, WI
Jay Shadwick – Kansas City, KS


Board Emeritus

Casey Cook – Annapolis, Maryland
David Kiersznowski – Leawood, KS